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Driven By Passion

Our dishes are made with love and understanding of a healthy life


Taste of the Himalayas


Fishtail Restaurant was established on Ist January 2017 by two Nepalese Chefs with the aim of providing quality and authentic Nepalese dishes to local people in Ireland. 


Our food is predominantly Nepalese made using fresh loca meats and vegetables with special Nepalese spices. The chef’s special are something you will not find anywhere in Ireland. They add authentic Nepalese taste to each plate with dishes like Himalayan curry or Ledobedo .


We also recommend our specialty momo dumpling served with tasty momo dips. 


This majestic peak in the Himalayas is called Machapuchare, also known as “Fish Tail Mountain.” 


At 22,943 feet it’s considerably less tall than Mt. Everest, but this mountain is definitely in illustrious company–legendary peaks such as Annapurna (which actually has three summits) and Manaslu, both in the “8,000-meter club,” are not far away. If you’ve read National Geographic for a couple of years or even been to an IMAX movie you’ve probably heard a lot about those mountains, along with Everest and the others, being climbed frequently. You probably have never heard of anyone who’s climbed Machapuchare (Fishtail), and that’s for a very good reason: no one ever has… at least we think not.


Naturally Delicious

Serve fresh, tasty, well cooked, authentic Nepali and Indian food with our natural blend of spices and in the style you want.


Serve the best food whether you are at our restaurant or at your house. 


Locally Sourced

Our food is locally sources from local Irish suppliers. Everything can be traced to its origin.


Eating Healthy Is Easy

You don’t need to worry about our food being greasy. We use oil only as needed so it won’t be greasy. We use natural ingredients, no taste enhancer or chemicals of any sort. Food comes from a clean kitchen delivered straight to your table or house.